Brian and Derek are joined by Josh Findlay, Director of TPPF’s new National Election Protection Project, to discuss the current state of our elections and efforts being made to make them more secure and trustworthy for everyone.

1:30 Derek’s Lege-Land Update
1:45 School Choice in Special Session #4
7:20 Border Safety Legislative Wins
12:10 Interview with Josh Findlay
17:40 Is there a path to election “normalcy”?
20:45 Addressing states with histories of election issues
25:15 What is Rank Choice Voting?
30:55 What are the greatest threats to the 2024 election?
35:00 Broader issues that could undermine future elections
39:15 Are Texas elections secure?
41:10 NGO’s, Zuck Bucks, drop boxes and the impacts they can have on elections
43:55 Have election reforms caused a decrease in voter turnout?

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