In this special episode, Brian and Derek are joined by Dr. Richard Johnson, Director of the Booker T. Washington Initiative and Senior Fellow for Urban Education at TPPF to discuss school choice and the potential impacts it has on Texas families.

2:20 Derek’s Lege-Land Update
6:20 School Choice with Dr. J
10:50 Potential Impact of School Choice on the African-American Community
13:20 Odds of School Choice Actually Happening in this Session
17:45 Opportunities that Potentially Stand Before Families Throughout Texas
20:15 False Suppositions Batted Around by Decision Makers
24:40 School Choice and Private School Myths vs. Truths
28:55 Why Would Parents Across Texas Want School Choice?
33:35 School Choice and the State’s Religious Communities
35:55 The Myth of “Using Public Dollars to Fund Religious Schools”
39:45 Predictions
42:55 Dr. Johnson’s Message to School Choice Activists

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