With Derek out of town, Brian is joined by this week’s guest hosts, Ariana Silva and Taylor Dawson to discuss the issues and trends that drive Texas, especially regarding effective ways to communicate in the 21st century.

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4:35 Introduction to the Sweet Tea Podcast
8:05 How to be Conservative in a “blue culture”
9:20 Content goals of the Sweet Tea Podcast
10:00 Sweet Tea’s role in the Culture Wars
10:35 Tricks to video to communicate in the 21st century
13:35 Designing for effective communication
15:10 Fighting through the noise of mainstream media
18:55 Advice for digital storytellers
20:30 Platforming an effective message
23:05 R&D – Rip off & Duplicate
26:40 Engagement with your audience
27:50 If they ain’t hatin’, you ain’t poppin’!