0:00 Excerpt from “A Journey through Texas: Or a Saddle-Trip on the Southwestern Frontier” by Frederick Law Olmsted
3:35 Tales of the “ungovernability of Texans” as a background to the current border crisis (Come and Take It)
7:30 Propublica article regarding AMLO’s financial relationship with the cartels
19:40 Should American officials work against Mexican corruption?
26:55 Is sympathy for Mexicans who are on the take appropriate?
32:00 Alejandro Mayorkas impeachment
37:50 Recent actions taken by other states to help Texas with the border crisis
43:00 Potential federal solutions (Senate Immigration Plan?)
46:45 What is the White House’s current immigration strategy?

Joshua Treviño and Melissa Ford Maldonado discuss the latest news surrounding the crisis based along our southern border including the rumored Senate Immigration Plan, support other states are sending Texas’ way and the connections between corrupt money and Mexico’s AMLO administration.

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Below are the materials referenced in this week’s episode:

Hold Them Accountable: Mexican Elites and the Cartels (texaspolicy.com)