Joshua Treviño and Melissa Ford Maldonado discuss the latest headlines surrounding our southern border including Texas’ latest moves, AMLO’s objections and the White House’s taking of sides.

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The last President of Ecuador was Guillermo Lasso!
Book from intro is Lone Star Navy by Jonathan Jordan
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Biden administration backtracks on ‘democratic decline’ as root cause of migration
Biden is asking for Mexican help to stop the record surge of migrants. Here’s what Mexico wants in return.
The Feds Just Messed With Texas — And Sided With Mexico
Cartel members reportedly EXECUTING HOSTAGES in Ecuador..
Ecuador’s ‘most-wanted’ criminal disappears from prison
AMLO reacciona a violencia criminal en Ecuador: “Reprobamos estas actitudes vandálicas”
US quietly strikes deal to send military to Ecuador amid drug cartel explosion
Ecuador Gets Pledge of US Aid to Fight Cartel Terror Campaign
Cartel Tried to Extort a Town, but the Town Fought Back, Officials Say