Joshua Treviño and Melissa Ford discuss the latest headlines surrounding our southern border, including unprecedented numbers of extreme violence, murder, disappearances and kidnapping at ever increasing frequency.

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Below are the materials referenced in the episode:

Book – The Taken: True Stories of the Sinaloa Drug War by Javier Valdez Cárdenas

Does Ron DeSantis Really Want a Diplomatic Crisis on Day One?

The Feds Just Messed With Texas Over Buoys — And Sided With Cartel-Driven Mexico

The Meaning of Invasion Under the Compact Clause of the U.S. Constitution

López Obrador envía carta a Biden para invitarlo a México

Tweet re: how the only Mexican media outlet allowed to ask questions during the meeting between Blinken and Barcena was La Jornada:

How Mexican narcos use remittances to wire U.S. drug profits home

Los 13 de Coyame en medio de una guerra: Un cártel los mató y otro los sepultó

Frozen, hacked-up bodies of at least 13 people found at houses in Mexico’s Veracruz state

5 students beaten, murdered by Mexican cartel in horrifically graphic video were lured by job offer: report

AMLO hace que no escucha y cuenta chiste tras ser cuestionado por jóvenes de Lagos de Moreno