Policy Orientation 2016

Thursday, January 7 • 9:30-10:45 a.m.

With drought having so recently plagued Texas, the need to streamline and unclutter burdensome state regulations has become apparent.  In order to meet future water need, legislative action in the form of an omnibus water bill that enacts widespread reforms to existing water law is needed. This panel will provide a discussion on what future water need will be, what existing water regulations exist and what the possible reforms to them might look like. 

Bech Bruun, Chairman, Texas Water Development Board | Presentation 
Rep. Jason Isaac, Texas House of Representatives
Martha K. Landwehr, General Counsel, Texas Chemical Council
Mike Mason, President and CEO, Weathermatic | Presentation 

Moderated by Leigh Thompson, Policy Analyst, Center for Energy and the Environment, Texas Public Policy Foundation