Thursday, October 22, 2020
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CDT

The opening preamble of the Public Information Act guarantees Texans the right to remain informed about their government, “so that they may retain control over the instruments they have created.” Yet, in some ways the public’s access to information is low or even nonexistent. Now more than ever, Texans need to understand what their government officials are doing and why. Otherwise, how can we hold our elected officials accountable? Join our experts as they explore the current state of the law and highlight recent local government abuses as well as the changes needed.


  • The Honorable Ellen Troxclair (Moderator) – Senior Fellow, Texas Public Policy Foundation; Former Austin City Council Member
  • The Honorable Todd Hunter (Panelist) – Texas House District 32
  • Lexi Churchill (Panelist) – Research Reporter, ProPublica-Texas Tribune Investigative Initiative
  • Arif Panju (Panelist) – Institute for Justice; Freedom of Information Foundation
  • James Quintero (Panelist) – Policy Director, Government for the People, Texas Public Policy Foundation