Tuesday, June 11, 2024 | 12-1PM CST

President Biden is desperately clinging to the unrealistic goal of Net-Zero emissions by 2050, even as Americans push back against his aggressive electric vehicle mandates and multi-trillion-dollar climate initiatives that are continuing to drive up costs. Meanwhile, countries across Europe are backtracking on their Net-Zero policies. Scotland has ditched its annual emission-reduction targets, while England softened its electric-vehicle mandates, in part because Europeans are not willing to shoulder the steep economic costs of Net-Zero policies.

While the United States has benefitted over the past decade from historically low interest rates and natural gas prices, we will need to reverse course on our Net-Zero goals very soon to avoid skyrocketing costs.

Please join Dr. Brent Bennett, policy director for TPPF’s Life:Powered campaign, and special guests Dr. Benny Peiser and Francis Menton from the London-based Global Warming Policy Foundation, for an insightful panel discussion on the key takeaways from the net-zero policy reversals in Europe and what happens to Net-Zero in the U.S. if it continues with its current policy trajectory.