Meet the Buie family.

Melissa Buie homeschools her three daughters while they are on a charter school waiting list.
“I want them to see that they have a strong mother. They have a mother that cares, who wants to see them develop into the best person that they can possibly be,” says Melissa. “I want to give them everything I never had.”
The Buie’s story is just one of thousands across Texas. Over a hundred thousand Texas students are on waiting list trying to get into better schools.
“[The] school choice program is providing me the option to find out who my three children are,” says Melissa.
Each year, charter schools hold a “lottery” to determine which children will be accepted into the program. The lottery’s purpose is to select children free of bias, scrutiny, abilities, or any other factors.
A week after we introduced you to the Buie family, we heard from Melissa. The Houston charter school her daughters were on a waiting list for held the lottery drawing. The three girls were not selected.
Each child deserves an opportunity for greater success. Parents deserve the opportunity to help them do better. Educational freedom will give them those opportunities.