Today at the Texas Capitol, the Conservative Texas Budget Coalition announced its top priorities including limiting any spending growth to population growth plus inflation. For the 2020-21 budget year that would be an all funds appropriation of $234.1 billion.

Other budget priorities include: approve conservative spending limits, provide local property tax relief, abolish the business margins tax, adopt a tax relief fund, and secure budget transparency and accountability.

Coalition Press Conference Speakers:

  • Talmadge Heflin, Director of the Center for Fiscal Policy, Texas Public Policy Foundation
  • Senator Donna Campbell, Texas Senator
  • Vance Ginn, Senior Economist & Director of the Center for Economic Prosperity, TPPF
  • Sam Sheetz, Policy Director, Americans for Prosperity – Texas
  • Doug McCullough, Director, Lone Star Policy Institute
  • Jennifer Quillin, Financial Director, Young Conservatives of Texas
  • Len Gilroy, Director of Government Reform, Reason Foundation
  • Gil Robinson, Texas Director, Our America Initiative