Thursday, July 23, 2020
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Texas universities and colleges must compete with rapidly growing numbers of top-ranked institutions offering excellent degree-eligible and low-cost online options which are disrupting traditional on-campus education models. This reality has only become more urgent in the wake of COVID-19. What innovative and pragmatic administrative policies can guide excellence in this new market? What essential roles should Texas industries, businesses, and taxpayers play as supporting partners?


  • Dr. Tom Lindsay (Moderator) – Distinguished Senior Fellow of Higher Education & Constitutional Studies, Texas Public Policy Foundation
  • Professor Larry Bell (Introduction) – Senior Visiting Scholar, Texas Public Policy Foundation
  • Dr. James Hallmark (Panelist) – Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Texas A&M University System
  • Dr. Debbie Thorne (Panelist) – Associate Provost, Academic Affairs, Texas State University
  • The Honorable Kirk Watson (Panelist) – Dean, Hobby School of Public Affairs, University of Houston; Former Texas State Senator
  • Dr. Richard Johnson (Panelist) – Director, Booker T. Washington Initiative, Texas Public Policy Foundation