A behind-the-scenes look at TPPF’s latest episode of Forging Texas: “Season of Victory.”

“Forging Texas” is a compelling look at the lives, causes and passion for freedom that drove Texas and the Texans to independence—and then to greatness. The story of the Texas Revolution is just as relevant in 2021 as it was in 1836

“The story of the Texas Revolution is the story of ourselves—who we are, how we came to be, and what it means to truly be Texan,” said TPPF Executive Director Kevin Roberts, Ph.D “Texas is the extension of America’s founding, based on the principles of ordered liberty, self-government, and equality. Texas’ story is a reflection of our national identity and we continue to fight for the same ideals. How do we live in liberty? How do we resist tyranny? What do we owe to our community? What are we willing to endure for our children’s futures? The revolutionaries of the Texas past gave the best possible answers to each of these questions—and we owe it to them to aspire to their standard.”