The Biden border crisis, known primarily for the surge of illegal immigration on our southern border, has had a devastating impact on cities nationwide. As the crisis continues, transnational criminal organizations are taking advantage, using the migrants and the absence of federal leadership to enrich themselves and expand their organized crime operation into the interior of the country.

Join TPPF Distinguished Senior Fellow and former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott, TPPF Vice President of Federal Affairs John Hostettler, and TPPF Chief of Intelligence and Research Joshua Treviño as they discuss how the federal government has enabled the growth of transnational criminal organizations—and how Texas can defend itself.


  • The Honorable John Hostettler (Moderator) – Vice President of Federal Affairs, States Trust, Texas Public Policy Foundation
  • Rodney Scott – Distinguished Senior Fellow for Border Security, Texas Public Policy Foundation; Former Border Patrol Chief
  • Joshua Treviño – Chief of Intelligence & Research and Director for Texas Identity, Texas Public Policy Foundation