Policy Orientation 2016

Thursday, January 7 • 11:00 a.m.-12:15 p.m.

With the national debt standing at roughly $18 trillion, there will come the time when the ability of the federal government to maintain its current funding to states will lessen or even cease. To avoid a nightmare scenario for Texas when this contraction occurs—and to fulfill the intentions of the Tenth Amendment, and with it, the rightful duties of Texas’ statewide officeholders—an accounting must be made of the amounts, purposes, and conditions governing all federal funds to the state presently. The panelists will propose measures to accomplish this purpose.

The Honorable Susan Combs, Principal, Texans for Positive Economic Prosperity
Rep. Matt Krause, Texas House of Representatives
Mario Loyola, Fellow, Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty

Moderated by Dr. Thomas Lindsay, Director, Center for Higher Education & Center for Tenth Amendment Studies, Texas Public Policy Foundation