The Texas House recently passed legislation that would renew crony tax deals under Chapters 312 and 313—without any reform. These tax deals keep residents in the dark and give unfair advantages to one business over another.
Tell your state legislators to end Chapters 312 and 313!

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Here’s what you should know:

  • Residents should have 90 days to review and comment on tax deals. Currently, local governments are only required to notify the public 72 hours before a hearing on Chapter 312 tax breaks—even though they often negotiate for months in secret before a public meeting.
  • The public should know in advance how much tax revenue will be lost through an abatement. This cost of the tax break and the actual abatement agreement should be provided to the public before the hearing.
  • Economic development should benefit local communities by bringing jobs. The state should require a minimum of jobs be created before a local government can offer tax breaks to a business.

For more information and for the latest on why we need reform, read our paper and visit our website.