The Texas Public Policy Foundation is working diligently to protect your freedom and that of your heirs for years to come. Now you have the opportunity to leave a lasting gift of freedom while at the same time protecting your hard-earned assets from unnecessary taxation, through the Texas Public Policy Foundation Lone Star Legacy Society.

Your legacy—your impact, influence, or imprint—can be left in the lives of those people and causes you care about.

Wills or Living Trusts
A bequest made through your will or trust is completely free of estate tax. You can designate a specific dollar amount, specific piece of property, a percentage of your estate, or all or part of the residue of your estate. You can also name the Texas Public Policy Foundation as a contingent beneficiary if someone in your will is no longer living at the time of your passing.

Life Insurance or Retirement Plans
The Texas Public Policy Foundation can easily be designated a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or qualified retirement plan, such as an IRA.

Charitable Gift Annuities
A charitable gift annuity can be funded with a gift of cash or marketable securities. In return, you and/or a second beneficiary receive fixed income for life at a rate based on your age(s). Benefits often include a current income tax deduction and fixed lifetime income.

Real Estate and Appreciated Property
You can donate a house, vacation home, farm, undeveloped land, and other types of real estate to the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Your gift of appreciated property not only reduces your income tax, but also may reduce your taxable estate.