In the wake of the initial COVID-19 outbreak, many states and local governments enacted highly restrictive lockdowns, the likes that had not been seen in more than 100 years. While the initial focus was on flattening the curve to prevent overwhelming hospitals, the goals began to shift and questions began to emerge about what the government can rightly compel its citizens to do or not do. Lost in the headlines about the virus were the unintended consequences of government-forced shutdowns.

We’ve captured some lockdown stories of young Texans to hear how this experience has shaped their ideas about the role and restrictions of government and the possible risks of overextending emergency powers.


Natalie is a small business owner of a specialized gym.



Mitch is a recent law school graduate who, during the lockdown, was scheduled to sit for the July bar exam in Texas.



Krysten is a young mother with school-age children.


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