Free-market capitalism is the best path to prosperity.

The Tax Code should not pick winners and losers but rather fund limited roles for government.

Unfortunately, Chapter 313 property tax abatements do pick winners: Big businesses are favored over small businesses.

  • Businesses that may not be in operation for the long term receive long-term tax breaks.
  • Nearly two thirds of Chapter 313 projects are for renewable energy, which would likely locate in Texas anyway given Texas’s geography of open lands, a lot of sun, and wind in specific regions.
  • A third of those renewable energy projects are for foreign companies, like those affiliated with French and Chinese governments.
  • These agreements can result in increased property values in certain areas, which reduces housing affordability, and decreased property values in others.

Chapter 313 tax breaks socialize the cost of those local school districts’ deals to the rest of the state’s taxpayers by holding school districts harmless.