Some in the liberal media are saying, essentially, I dont think the Texas economy is that great. Its unemployment rate is in the middle, and even New York has a lower unemployment rate. Oh yeah? Well compare these two sets of graphs, which show changes in working age population and job creation in New York and Texas over the last decade

New York


The comparison is simply incredible. Over the last ten years New York has had virtually no net job growth; and its labor force moved only a few hundred thousand. Meanwhile, in that same time period, Texas has added 2 million more jobs AND 2 million more people to its labor force.

Nearly on the order of a million people move to Texas every five years, and thats net migration; the city of Austin alone absorbs 60,000 new residents a year and led the nation in job creation in 2010. Heres the most recent report of the Texas Workforce Commission, which shows 32,000 net new jobs in June, and an increase of 117,600 jobs year to date. By contrast, according to BLS, New York state created (BLS 2011 data) barely a thousand jobs in the year to June; unemployment there fell from 8.2 to 8.0 percent largely because the estimated labor force and number of people filing for unemployment fell dramatically. Maybe one of the reasons New York has such low unemployment is that so many New Yorkers are moving to Texas for work.

– Mario Loyola