House lawmakers will soon debate a second supplemental bill, House Bill 1025, which, among other things, proposes a “$35,500 to the Library and Archives Commission for the purpose of providing a salary rate increase for the Director-Librarian.” If that seems like a big increase, that’s because it is.


Assuming the bill language stays intact, the $35,500 increase would raise the Director-Librarian’s annual salary from $104,500 to $140,000 in fiscal 2013, equal to a pay raise of 34 percent. Of course, it’s only reasonable to suggest that this increase would stay intact as the 2014-15 budget is finalized.


Now, if you’re like most people, you’d jump at the chance for a 34 percent pay raise; but if this is a raise for a public employee paid with tax dollars, this kind of excessive salary increase is something to be questioned-especially when the raise itself, $35,500, is equal to a year’s take-home pay for a lot of Texas taxpayers.


Exact language from the bill: