Is Georgetown, Texas really powered by 100% renewable energy? 

The Foundation's energy experts tackled this question and more at our community event in Georgetown, Texas on August 15.  Attendees received a thorough run-down of everything energy including why renewables are unreliable, more expensive, and unsustainable. And why 100% renewable simply isn’t doable.

See below to review the PowerPoint presentations from the two national energy experts who came to Georgetown for the eent:

  • Honorable Charles McConnell, Executive Director of Rice University’s Energy and Environment Initiative.

    A 35-year veteran of the energy industry, McConnell joined Rice in August 2013 after serving two years as the Assistant Secretary of Energy at the U.S. Department of Energy. At DOE, McConnell was responsible for the strategic policy leadership, budgets, project management, and research and development of the department's coal, oil and gas, and advanced technologies programs.

    Laura Schepis, Executive Director of the Partnership for Affordable Clean Energy. Schepis, a government relations and strategic communications expert based in Washington, D.C., has two decades of experience in energy advocacy on the federal level.