A new report from the Illinois Policy Institute (IPI) finds that people are fleeing Illinois en masse, driven out by the state’s high taxation and other “poor public policies.” The place that many Illinoisians are going-low-tax, limited government Texas.

According to the report, Texas is the leading beneficiary of Illinois’ mass exodus. In 2009, the state suffered a net population loss of 40,969. Of those exiting Illinois, 7,615 people relocated to Texas, nearly double that of the next highest state, Indiana, who netted 4,458 new residents.

Texas isn’t just benefitting from the additional people either. These new residents are, of course, bringing their money with them-to the tune of “more than $188 million” in 2009.

While this new report shouldn’t surprise many Texans, who have consistently shown their favor of limited government through the ballot box, this is a good reminder that people in general prefer smaller government, and they’re willing to pick up and move to get it.

– James Quintero