Secure & Sovereign Texas believes national borders matter.

We’re holding the federal government accountable for its responsibility to secure the border and we offer additional state options to rein in the border crisis. In addition, to advance those two goals, the campaign highlights the reality as it is: The government of Mexico is no longer a partner to the U.S. or Texas.

Secure & Sovereign Texas focuses its research on issues related to immigration, border security, and U.S.–Mexico relations, to

  • Restore order and the rule of law at the border.
  • Ensure Texas’ sovereignty by targeting Mexican drug cartels and corrupt Mexican elites in Texas.
  • Protect Texans and Americans while enhancing the moral integrity of the Texas–Mexico relationship, which we seek to preserve.

Millions of migrants from across the world have illegally entered the United States in the past 3 years, mostly through the southern—U.S.–Mexico—border, encouraged by a federal government that has failed to enforce existing immigration laws and rejected previously successful policies designed to lessen the abuse of our immigration system.

Texas and its border communities have been at the forefront of the border crisis—and Texas has been the one state daring to protect its citizens, and by extension Americans, and hold accountable a federal government that has not only abdicated its responsibility to secure the border but is also now trying to obstruct Texas from doing so.

Meanwhile, Mexican drug cartels, which profit from illegal smuggling of both migrants and drugs, are putting Americans’ lives in peril. Mexican cartels are estimated to control between 35% and 40% of Mexican territory, with a Mexican government that is clearly fully complicit.

The fact that the U.S.-Mexico border is a mess is no secret to anyone anymore—and it has become a national security issue.

Secure & Sovereign Texas will bring additional state and national options to secure the border. The campaign will notably focus its attention on

  • Enforcing existing U.S. immigration law
  • Preserving Texas sovereignty
  • Exploring Texas border security initiatives
  • Addressing the collusion between the Mexican state and cartels
  • Holding Mexico accountable at the national and Texas levels


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