Right For Families believes that strong families are the foundation that society and the state of Texas are built upon.

We are strengthening families by limiting unnecessary government intervention, promoting community-driven solutions to child maltreatment, and supporting the flourishing of a free society.

We envision a world in which community is restored to its proper role as the primary source of support for families and children. Accordingly, we focus our research on issues directly related to supporting strong families, such as:

  • Safeguarding the fundamental rights of families
  • Reducing family separation & promoting family reunification
  • Increasing the quality and availability of community and legal supports for parents
  • Holding government agencies and courts that impact these families accountable to their constitutional limits.

A free society exists to protect and advance the institution of the nuclear family. The interaction between individuals, families, and institutions creates communities which, at their best, provide the relationships and supports that are essentially for human flourishing. In times of crisis, it is community  that provides individuals and families with the services and support necessary to meet their needs and help them achieve stability.

Unfortunately, the erosion of community has created a vacuum that has increasingly been filled by government with disastrous effects. Although government has the authority to intervene in the family by virtue of its duty to protect citizens from harm, this authority is limited by constitutional due process protections and may only be legitimately exercised in the most extraordinary circumstances where there is an immediate risk to the physical health or safety of the child.

Nevertheless, government frequently oversteps these limits, resulting in the erosion of family and subjecting children to harm through unnecessary and unconstitutional separation from their parents.

The Right For Families campaign will work to advance policies that restore the family as the bedrock of society, and keep families together.