Ensuring election integrity is vital, not only for our form of government but for our way of life.

The most fundamental feature of a representative democracy is the citizen’s right to vote. It is key to the basic structure of our government that guarantees the rule of law, popular sovereignty, and individual freedom. The Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Election Protection Project seeks to ensure that each and every citizen is afforded their rights and that public policy secures the reliability of our election system. The Project focuses on educating the public about ballot safety through these general principles:

  • Voters should understand their rights and the rules of voting,
  • Voters should be free to choose.
  • The voting system should preserve the integrity of each ballot.

The Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Election Protection Project is providing resources and material across the state to educate voters about election laws and how they can identify when, where, and how their ballot may be compromised. TPPF can also provide information about preparing or filing complaints with the Secretary of State’s office to determine if fraudulent activity may be occurring. Our most fundamental right of representation in our society must not be taken for granted, together, we must be vigilant in defending it.

If you would like to contact TPPF regarding election integrity, please email us at [email protected].