No matter what the corporate media says, it’s a fact that many Americans are hanging on by a thread today. And it’s no wonder why.

Under the Biden administration, the cost of gas, groceries, and rent has soared. Mass layoffs have become increasingly common. And high rates of inflation continue to erode savings, disposable income, and purchasing power. In fact, the economic devastation has gotten to be so alarming that most don’t even have money set aside for a rainy day.

A shocking new Issues and Insights/TIPP poll asked the following question to 1,401 registered voters from January 3 – 5: “How much money do you have in savings that you could use in an emergency?”

The answer: “Some 24% reported $0 saved, and another 20% said they had just $1,000 set aside.” Those are truly stunning statistics if you think about it. They suggest entire swaths of the American public are one emergency away from bankruptcy; one catastrophe away from complete disaster.

As bad as that is, that is not the only segment of society struggling though. In fact, it’s practically everyone. According to the I&I/TIPP poll:

…more than half of those in the wealthiest income bracket—those earning $75,000 or more a year (53%)—and those who are investors (51%), another relatively wealthy group, each said they’re also having trouble making ends meet on a monthly basis. Those at lower incomes, defined as below $70,000 a year in income, averaged 68% saying they were having difficulty making ends meet.

What all of this means is that most Americans are simply treading water. With the exception of an elite few, the average Joe isn’t getting ahead. Understanding this, we should question how to escape this ruin? How do we find ourselves in a more prosperous moment?

Whatever the answer, it almost certainly includes a return to the rule of law, an embrace of limited government philosophy, a revival of free-markets, and a remembrance of natural rights.