A new ranking of post-recession economies has named four of Texas’ major metropolitan areas to its list of global top performers.

The Brookings Institution list includes Austin at 26th, Dallas at 39th, San Antonio at 51st, and Houston at 61st. Austin’s economy was tops in the United States-an impressive feat given the expansive nature of the list.

The study’s results, which were based on a metro area’s “economic output and employment,” seem to bolster the argument that Texas’ economy is weathering the storm well while other states continue to search for answers. Understanding why Texas is in such relatively good shape is not as difficult as it may seem: it begins with sound public policy.

By adopting an approach that stresses low taxes and pro-growth policies, the Legislature has sought to limit the footprint of government in the lives of its citizens and, in turn, created an economic environment filled with opportunities and promise. For their part, Texans have capitalized on this and the fruits of their labor have become evident for the world to see.

– James Quintero