The Texas Public Policy Foundation’s 2017-18 “Legislator’s Guide to the Issues” features a section on taxes, which provides an overview and recommendations for the 85th Texas Legislature limiting government spending growth so that there are sufficient funds to reduce the burden of onerous taxes.

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“Whether an individual or company, excessive taxes limit their ability to pursue their dreams,” said The Honorable Talmadge Heflin, Director of the Center for Fiscal Policy at TPPF. “The individual is limited in maintaining or improving their standard of living and the company is limited in their ability to stay in business and provide jobs. By passing a conservative budget this session, legislators will have an opportunity to discuss which taxes should stay and which should go. This section on taxes outlines key tax reforms that will improve economic opportunity for all Texans.”The 2017-18 “Legislator’s Guide to the Issues” includes recommendations on the following taxation topics:

  • Margin Tax
  • Supermajority Requirement to Raise Taxes
  • Property Tax-Sales Swap
  • Personal Income Tax

The Foundation’s 2017-18 Legislator’s Guide to the Issues, the eighth edition of this popular desk reference on Texas policy, is a distillation of the knowledge the Foundation has developed from its many years of research on the key issues facing the Texas Legislature. Each entry provides a quick overview of the topic, with footnotes that point readers to additional resources. The complete Legislator’s Guide to the Issues is available for download on the Foundation’s website: