By now you’ve probably read about the disastrous Senate bill released in a late Sunday news dump.

Unfortunately, while the American people beg the nation’s leaders to take responsibility for border security, the Senate has instead released 370 pages of lawless insanity.

What’s even more infuriating after reading this pointless bill is knowing that the Senate didn’t even have to waste its time negotiating the bill. The House has already passed a border security bill that is actually about border security—H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act.

Here is some key takeaways from the Senate bill.

  • The bill contains a phony “border emergency authority” that allows about 1.3 million known illegal aliens annually—and therefore likely several million more unknown.

The bill furthermore cripples its own “border emergency authority” by a variety of mechanisms:

  • By allowing any immigration officer to unilaterally and unreviewably exempt any number of illegal aliens from the count triggering the authority.
  • By exempting illegal aliens from “noncontiguous countries” from the count triggering the authority.
  • By effectively sunsetting itself across three years through an arbitrary limitation on the number of days per year the emergency may be invoked.
  • By allowing the president to unilaterally and unreviewably suspend any invocation of a border emergency.

In addition, the bill:

  • The bill gives more than $2.3 billion to NGOs that have, wittingly or not, abetted the border crisis and the human-trafficking cartels behind it.
  • The bill fails to show any understanding of the Mexican state-cartel nexus that has created the invasion at our southern border.
  • The bill provides funding for diplomatic activities on behalf of Ukraine and Israel, but not on behalf of the United States’ own border crisis.
  • The bill provides hundreds of millions of dollars in unaccountable and discretionary funding for President Biden to give to corrupt foreign governments that are complicit in the border crisis.
  • The bill provides a blank check for the Biden Administration’s DHS Secretary to release illegal aliens upon declaration of an intentto seek asylum — dropping a requirement for an actual asylum claim.
  • The bill provides no meaningful oversight for illegal aliens who are released into the United States.
  • The bill purports to shorten the broken asylum-claims system but does not actually reform it.

On the other hand, the House’s H.R. 2 aims to close the loopholes that this administration is exploiting and weaponizing and, believe it or not, puts the safety and security of America at the forefront.

Instead, the Senate is making backdoor, shady deals that empower an already corrupt administration to willingly allow millions of inadmissible aliens into the country. Any small semblance of good policy that might be in the Senate bill is completely and immediately washed away by the other 95 percent of nonsense and trash.

Before this bill text was released, Senator Ted Cruz warned the nation that the bill was a “stinking pile of crap.” Well, by now we’ve all read it, and it is indeed a stinking pile of crap.

For President Biden, this bill is an attempt to shed his biggest political liability and his greatest failure as president, the border crisis. If this abhorrent bill becomes law, Biden can say he passed a solution to the crisis. If the bill fails, he will attempt to blame Republicans for the crisis. But don’t be fooled.

If passed, this bill would codify President Biden’s open border agenda. Thankfully, House members, including Speaker Mike Johnson, are standing firm on H.R. 2. American voters should demand no less than a secure border and American leaders that fulfill their duty to protect their citizens.