Just after the election, our team sat down to brainstorm how best to serve you, our community, with grade-A content focusing on how we, together, can Keep Texas Texan.

We know that Texas is the extension of America’s founding, based on the principles of ordered liberty, self-government, and equality. We know that Texas’ story is a reflection of our national identity and that we will continue to fight for the same ideals.

We know that you, too, are asking the questions; how do we live in liberty? How do we resist tyranny? What do we owe to our community? What are we willing to endure for our children’s futures?

We believe that Americans — of every race, creed, and origin — who make things, who value their communities, who remember where they’re from, who put faith and family front and center, who believe in equality for themselves and their children, will Keep Texas Texan.