From the spread of liberation theology in the 1960s to the culture wars of the 1990s and beyond, progressives have used Hispanics to further their agenda to reshape society into a socialist utopia. In today’s battle over Critical Race Theory, nothing has changed.

Progressives have been consistent in launching wave after wave of attacks to further their goal to condemn, divide and destroy America. Their dream has been to unite Black and Brown people to merge racial struggle with class warfare. Their plan has been to change the narrative to delude folks into believing that America is fundamentally flawed and must therefore be fundamentally changed—to the greater government control of socialism.

In the 1960s, liberation theology permeated the Catholic Church (and even some evangelical congregations), sweeping up from Latin America into the United States where vestiges of it still remain to this day. Seeking to address the real plight of extreme poverty, these misguided theologians merged their faith with the radical socio-economic political activism of Marxism. The aim was to destroy capitalism—in their opinion, the root cause of poverty.

However, Latinos have experienced firsthand how Marxism and the attempts at socialism have been nothing but utter failures. Cuba and Venezuela not only have higher poverty rates than before, but their oppressed peoples have been stripped of all freedoms including, ironically enough, the freedom of religion.

Since the 1980s, progressives have systemically attacked various traditional cultural institutions in their war to destroy America. Not content to solely undermine traditional Hispanic views on various social issues such as life, marriage and gender, arrogant liberal assaults on Latinos grew even bolder. Imposing their Latinx gender-neutral terminology, progressive had the audacity to hijack the Spanish language itself, and fundamentally undermine Hispanic cultural traditions that stretch back for centuries.

Thankfully, these efforts have been overwhelmingly rejected by the Latino community. Following the path of the 1619 Project, the Black Lives Matter movement and the Defund the Police efforts, Critical Race Theory is just the latest rallying cry by progressives to mislead Hispanics into hating America. In typical leftist fashion, any who oppose it are accused of being racist or labeled an Uncle Tom (or in this case a “Tío Tómas”) in the name of social justice.

But what exactly is Critical Race Theory or CRT?  And what does it have to do with Hispanics?

CRT is a liberal call to action disguised as an academic discipline. Founded by left-leaning law professors using Marxist analysis, it asserts that racism has been systemically embedded by Whites into the American governmental, legal, and political structures, as well as within free enterprise itself to impose racial dominance.

It further states that White people are born with unearned privilege, and that race drives all behavior. CRT uses counter-storytelling to highlight the negative and suppress the positive. It also replaces the concept of equality with that of equity. Going beyond ensuring equal access, government must enact laws to favor minorities to guarantee equal results. CRT has targeted our institutions and corporations, as well as the education of our youth, to guilt and brainwash us all into believing that America is evil and must be changed.

What do Hispanics have to do with all of this? Liberals have always tried to entangle Hispanics into a great racial struggle further foment dissension.

But here’s what progressives get wrong: Hispanics are not race. Hispanic is an ethnicity. Hispanics come from different races and a variety of skin tones from dark to light. As with Blacks and Asians, there is no denying that Hispanics have also historically suffered from racism and racist laws, and those stories do need to be told.

But progressives fail to understand that Hispanics are proud Americans and believe strongly in the ideals enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Americans of Hispanic descent have proudly served in the armed forces of the United States from the American Revolutionary War to Afghanistan. Americans of Hispanic descent have proudly served in the U.S. Border Patrol and various law enforcement agency on the local, state, and federal levels to protect our communities here at home. From the fields to the board rooms, Americans of Hispanic descent are hardworking citizens and one of the fastest growing entrepreneurial groups in this country.

While there is no denying that there were once racist laws, belief in CRT is to deny the ideals of America. It is to deny that America fought a civil war and passed landmark civil rights legislation. Belief in CRT is to repudiate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of equality—not equity. Hispanics just want the opportunity of equal access. They know that the equity of socialism brings only ruin and oppression.