We missed celebrating the arrival of Tax Freedom Day-the day that you stop working to pay your taxes and start working for yourself. The Tax Foundation marked the day by releasing a short video with a catchy tune.

According to the Tax Foundation’s report, April 23 marked the average day that Americans started earning their paycheck – three days earlier than the last two years. Of course, the burden of federal, state, and local taxes varies by state, so the actual Tax Freedom Day can also vary by state.

In Texas, April 12 marked the day that Texans stopped working to earn the money to pay taxes, putting Texas just outside the 10 states with the earliest Tax Freedom Days. Connecticut has the dubious honor of being #1 in the Tax Foundation rankings with the latest Tax Freedom Day of all the states-May 8. Alaskans celebrate Tax Freedom Day on March 29, which is the earliest of all the states.

– Mary Katherine Stout