The Facts

* By 2060, water demand in Texas is projected to increase by 22%, while available water supply is expected to decrease by 10%.

* Texas has abundant groundwater resources: 9 major aquifers and 21 minor aquifers. Total groundwater supplies were approximately 8 million acre-feet in 2010.

* Total groundwater in Texas aquifers is estimated at 17.1 billion acre-feet.

* Texas has 99 local groundwater districts covering all or part of 174 counties.


* Remove legal impediments to the private development of new groundwater supplies and to proper functioning water markets in Texas.

* Review the operations of Groundwater Conservation Districts and Groundwater Management Areas to see what progress has been made in securing proper groundwater regulation, and seek adjustments as needed.

* Reform the rules governing GCD record keeping and conflict of interest to promote greater uniformity of regulation.