Last week, I had a chance to attend the Texas Charter School Conference in San Antonio and show the amazing award-winning education documentary, “Flunked.”

The film was produced by our Washington state counterparts, the Evergreen Freedom Foundation. It has won several awards, including best documentary at the San Fernando Valley International Film Festival in Los Angeles and best educational documentary at the Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival in Houston. It was also nominated for best documentary at the Burbank International Film Festival.

Washington state is unusual in that it is one of the 10 states without a charter school law and therefore without charter schools. The Evergreen Freedom Foundation wanted to show the need for change and that just throwing more money at the problem was not going to fix a broken education system.

This film gives an honest assessment of the current education system’s problem, and then profiles inspiring stories and solutions in both traditional public schools and public charter schools. The film has hit a chord and now the Evergreen Freedom Foundation is looking at starting a “Flunked” TV series.

Check out this amazing film by attending one the screenings around the country or order a copy of the DVD for yourself by going to

– Brooke Terry