The FCC voted this week to make available 100MHz of wireless spectrum for WiFi, which could lead to WiFi speeds of 1Gbps and faster.

It’s amazing how far we’ve come in telecommunications products and services since the 1990s, when Texas led the way in introducing competition in the telecommunications market. Competition has fostered innovation and massive investment; all in an attempt to profitably meet the needs of consumers.

For instance, recent reports show both Verizon and AT&T making sizable infrastructure investments in many parts of the state. Google is deploying its Google Fiber service in Austin. When that is finished, some parts of Austin will have four wireline providers offering Internet and cable. The FCC’s vote this week promises to increase investment–and competition–as well.

The Texas telecommunications code still needs a LOT of modernization to catch up to today’s fast-paced market. The good news, though, is that the market is moving so fast it is hard for regulators to keep up.