Thursday, September 4, 2014
11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Legislative Conference Center - Rm E2.002
Texas State Capitol

Everyone agrees that the modern American immigration system works poorly, but few understand that it was designed with dysfunction in mind. The outlines of our immigration framework were largely crafted in the mid-1960s by a coalition of labor unions and left-wing interests, and the outcomes reflect the imperatives of those interests: a growing disenfranchised class of illegal immigrants, social resentments, and distorted markets that leave Americans frustrated and wondering whether Washington, D.C., will ever be able to fulfill its most basic imperative to ensure a secure and orderly border.


Nearly half a century later, the nation is ready for reform — and some of the most interesting and incisive ideas, observations, and innovations have come from conservatives and libertarians who approach the question of a secure border from a liberty-oriented perspective. Join us on this groundbreaking panel — a direct follow-up to our Policy Primer of August 27th, “What is Actually Happening on the Texas Border,” on describing the border situation — as we engage eminent thinkers from across the conservative and libertarian spectrum on real systemic solutions to an enduring systemic problem. “Securing the Border: A Symposium on Solutions” will highlight the tremendous diversity of thought on the liberty-oriented side toward this perennial issue — and it will present new and innovative ideas on how we can turn a genuine crisis into a tremendous opportunity.