With the passing of Harold Ramis, many Texans spent the last 48 hours honoring the director, writer, and sometimes actor’s comedic genius. If you’re anything like me, that vigil included a nightlong marathon of Ghostbusters, a film that Ramis both starred and produced.

The Ghostbusters’ story is one that any liberty-minded Texan should love. Here’s a group of guys down on their luck. They lose their job, but instead of complaining about it, they decide to start a business-one that just happens to specialize in paranormal extermination. As fate would have it, they’re wildly successful.  

But, with that success comes the attention of government regulators.

In this case, a lawyer representing the EPA, Walter Peck, decides to arrest the team for operating without a license. He confronts them at their firehouse office and demands that they shut their ghost containment grid down.

What follows is a classic example of government bureaucrats sticking their nose in a business they don’t understand and unleashing an army of unintended consequences [this time, hundreds of ghosts] on to the city population.