The reality of high energy prices and our growing dependence on foreign, unstable sources of petroleum and natural gas is apparently causing some environmental advocacy groups (along with many politicians) to bend a bit in their opposition to such common-sense energy solutions as domestic oil drilling, nuclear power, and even coal-fired power plants.

In Santa Barbara, home of the 1969 oil spill that effectively spawned the modern environmental movement, GOO (Get Oil Out!) – a group that formed in response to the 1969 spill – endorsed a plan for drilling off the coast of Santa Barbara.

In Maryland, long-time “green” Gov. Martin O’Malley is now supporting nuclear power expansion in the Free State.

And here in Texas, the Environmental Defense Fund and the Texas Clean Air Cities Coalition dropped their opposition to a proposed 800-megawatt coal-fired power plant in Limestone County, in return for promises from NRG Texas, the utility proposing the plant.

In response to the folly of unrealistic energy policies, the tide may finally be turning – which is a great thing because Americans need relief.

– Drew Thornley