As a Texan, I hereby sign this pledge to end Human Trafficking!

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery and Texas is on the front lines. The number of victims continues to risewith more than 300,000 victims in Texas.  

What’s worse? Nearly one out of three are child sex-trafficking victims.

I believe that Texas should stand up against Human Trafficking by: 

  1. Encouraging and empowering law enforcement agencies to target and deter buyers of commercial sex;
  2. Cultivating strategic partnerships, collaboration, and expansion of community-led programs;
  3. Preventing vulnerabilities by keeping at-risk youth in their home communities whenever possible
    through the localization of administrating agencies;
  4. Promote rehabilitative responses rather than punitive by eliminating the ability to charge children with “prostitution” as minors cannot consent to sex;
  5. Hear, know, and empower survivor voices.

Human Trafficking is the exploitation of men, women, and children for forced labor or sex by a third party for profit or gain. Texas is estimated to be 2nd in the nation for the most amount of trafficking victims* with more than 300,000 in the state**, and 79,000 of these victims are child sex-trafficking victims.** 

* Based on calls and data from the National Human Trafficking Hotline
** Based on a study at the University of Texas at Austin

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