The Facts

* Teachers now earn less than they could due to the monopsony power districts have over the labor force. Additional competition for teachers’ services will positively impact teacher pay. 

* Studies indicate that where school choice has been implemented public schools have improved. Additionally, school choice will offset public schools’ enrollment growth.

* The purpose of the education clause in the Texas Constitution is the preservation of the liberties and rights of the people.

* School choice has the potential to save taxpayers billions while at the same time providing superior educational opportunities to Texas students. 

* At present, Texas has very few policies that encourage competition and efficiency in its public schools.

* With passage of either the Taxpayer Savings Grant or Taxpayer Savings Credit the financial effect on a public school will be exactly the same as if a student moves out of the district.  


* Assure that every Texas child can choose schools that best meet that individual child’s needs.

* Maximize parental freedom and educational opportunity for all Texas students.

* Enact the Taxpayer Savings Grant Program.

* Enact the Taxpayer Savings Credit Program.