Transcript of a discussion on July 6, 2020, between Kevin Roberts, Ph.D., Mike Gonzalez, and Matthew Peterson, Ph.D.

Our nation seems more divided now than at any time in living memory. We’re told by the left-leaning media that President Trump’s speech praising America was “dark” and “divisive.” We’re told our Founding Fathers were slave-owners and nothing more. We’re told ours is a heritage of hate. How has it come to this? TPPF’s Kevin Roberts recently hosted a livestream with experts Mike Gonzalez of the Heritage Foundation and Matthew Peterson of the Claremont Institute to discuss this and other matters. Our nation’s heritage is one of revolution, risk and redemption—and our story isn’t over yet. Learn where the anti-Americanism stems from—and how to counter it to keep America, in the words of Abraham Lincoln, the “last, best hope on earth.”