Thank you for standing with John Yearwood! – Active post-petition

Thank you for signing the petition!

There’s a lot at stake in Yearwood’s case. If the government is willing to threaten a veteran patriot like him, who will they go after next?

John Yearwood is fighting back because what the federal government is doing is wrong—plain and simple. But he can’t fund his legal defense by himself. He needs your support, as a fellow Texan, to fund his experienced team of attorneys from the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Already, hundreds of Texans have stepped up to give nearly $350,000 to help him fight back.

But as of today, he is still $20,499 short of his goal for the first phase of the legal battle against the government he fought for.

Goal: $350,000

Raised by 592 generous Texans.

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Right now, the attorneys are preparing the case and filing initial documents. But we need your support to move forward—and we don’t have any time to waste.

Will you help John fight back with a generous tax-deductible donation?

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