There are certain shared hardships that bring people together-that allow us to recognize the common bonds that unite us a national people.  A great example of this is Tax Day, when Americans from every state, background, and political creed endure a national moment of frustration as they attempt to navigate the 74,000 page tax code.

This year, Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld took that frustration public. In a letter posted on Twitter, Rumsfeld lamented on the complexity of the tax code and how it prevents he and his wife from knowing if their tax returns are accurate.

Rumsfeld’s letter hit on an import point in the fight against over-regulation. The U.S. tax code has become so complicated that Americans no longer know their legal obligations, giving the government a huge amount of discretion in when and how they enforce the law.

It begs the question: can a legal system be just when it’s impossible for citizens to obey it.