In 2011, HB 2133 granted the Public Utility Commission (PUC) of Texas the power to disgorge revenue from electric companies if the revenue in question is determined to have been derived from “market power abuse” or other violations of the Utilities Code.

However, no evidence exists that market power abuse or simi- lar anticompetitive behaviors has taken place in the Texas electric- ity market; in fact, the competitive nature of Texas’ energy market is one of the features that makes it work so well and ultimately has kept power affordable and reliable for Texans.

Texas’ electrical market helps keep Texas going, both in terms of energy provision and in terms of economic benefits. The invest- ment that deregulation brings not only keeps our energy secure, but also generates new jobs for Texans. In addition, the rates are affordable—far more so than when government regulation controlled the price at the turn of the century.