Conservative Texas Budget: $234.1 Billion

Senate Recommended Budget: $242.9 Billion 

House Recommended Budget: $247.2 Billion 

 These figures provide an apples-to-apples comparison of the amounts appropriated for the 2018-19 budget from the Legislative Budget Board’s (LBB) Fiscal Size-Up and the 2020-21 budget from each chamber’s recommended budget. We compare each chamber’s recommendations with the Conservative Texas Budget (CTB) limits for state funds and all funds (state and federal) based on the increase of 8 percent in population growth and inflation over the last two fiscal years. We’ve excluded from these budgets, including the CTB, the Harvey-related disaster recovery expenses of $7.1 billion in federal funds because these should be one-time, unwarranted expenses. 

Ultimately, these recommendations are just the starting point. Currently, the Senate budget falls below the CTB limit in state funds and does not use the Economic Stabilization Fund. But the House budget could provide a larger amount toward property tax relief while using mainly current resources to more efficiently fund an improved education system.