Fourteen conservative groups from around the nation today called on the Texas Legislature to hold the line on spending, protect the rainy day fund, and avoid going the way of states like California.

The groups-including  the 60-Plus Association; the American Legislative Exchange Council; Americans for Prosperity-Texas; Americans for Tax Reform, the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste; Grassroots America We the People; Institute for Policy Innovation; National Taxpayers Union; Texas Eagle Forum; Texans for Fiscal Responsibility; Texas Legislature’s TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee; Texas Public Policy Action; Texas Public Policy Foundation; and the Young Conservatives of Texas-call on lawmakers to remain true to the state’s conservative principles, the same principles that have helped transform Texas into an economic juggernaut.

To stay on course, the coalition’s letter recommends that “…: the Legislature should neither exceed the state’s spending limit-by any amount-nor should dollars be removed from the state’s Economic Stabilization Fund (ESF) to pay for ongoing government expenses or new programs.” In other words, keep spending growth within reason and don’t spend the state’s savings account on new or ongoing programs.

Whether or not lawmakers take this advice is yet to be seen, but one thing’s for sure: lots and lots of groups with a vested interest in Texas are watching closely to see what happens next.

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