In recent days, the Texas Public Policy Foundation and the Wall Street Journal have come under heavy fire for their criticism of the 83rd Legislature’s spending spree this session. While we always welcome this kind of debate, a critical point has been lost in the discussion: it’s not just TPPF and the WSJ sounding the alarm on Texas’ 83rd Legislature’s spending-it’s conservatives all across the nation.

From two major conservative coalition letters published last month: 

Conservative Coalition Letter to Governor Perry

“The 83rd Texas Legislature appropriated about $22 billion more in General Revenue (GR) and Economic Stabilization Fund (ESF) spending than did the 82nd Legislature two years ago, a 26 percent increase…Governor Perry, Texans want less government growth, not more.”

– 9 national and state signatories



Open Letter to the Texas Legislature on Spending and the Rainy Day Fund

“The Lone Star State has become a model of economic growth through careful adherence to thoughtful fiscal discipline. However, there are some trying to push the state in the direction of more government, more spending, and more taxes…Conservatives recognize that Texas has set a high standard and must continue to follow a higher path. Legislators should reject calls to raid the ESF, and stand firm against “busting the cap.”

– 14 national and state signatories


We can agree to disagree about exactly how much the 2014-15 budget grew and what methodology should be used to measure that growth; but what we cannot not do is ignore the fact that groups all across the nation-all of whom have a vested interest in the success of conservatism-watched as the Texas budget process unfolded and were alarmed enough by all the new spending to take action.