Advancing Our Constitutional Right to Self Defense 

The Citizens Defense Campaign seeks to ensure Texans preserve the right to self-defense while improving and strengthening law enforcement practices and agencies.   

  • Protect the 2nd Amendment rights of lawful gun owners. 
  • Prohibit the establishment of a public or de factoregistry of firearm owners. 
  • Eliminate barriers for law-abiding Texans to carry weapons and defend themselves outside of their homes, such as streamlining the path to credentialed licensure, eliminating the fees associated with obtaining carry credentials, and reducing the minimum age for licensure to eighteen.  
  • Empower law enforcement and prosecutors to pursue focused deterrence strategies targeting organized, violent crime. 
  • Develop protocol for “bottom-up policing leadership,” giving community stakeholders important duties and contributions in how they are policed 
  • Limit arrests for non-jailable offenses, reserving jail capacity for whom it is necessary and keeping our police officers on the street.