On Friday’s edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Chuck DeVore, vice president for policy at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, joined Chad to talk about current news from the Texas legislature.

DeVore and Hasty discussed the different types of tax cuts being debated in the Senate and the House, and DeVore provided details and opinions on the different plans, as well as specifics on spending limits. DeVore said,

For most of us, we’d like to be left alone, and go about our lives and earn our money, and keep as much of it as possible to care for our families, raise our children, go to college, things like that, invest in a business. And tax cuts is a way to encourage more of that, the way to increase more hard work, and more innovation, and more risk taking out there in the great state of Texas.

Listen to the entire interview with Chuck DeVore in the video box above.